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Expert Guidelines to Practice Safe Burpees at Gyms Near You​ 


Burpee is one of the oldest and effective workouts usually practiced by athletes, boxers, Martial artists and professional Fitness trainers. Therefore, every coach trains Burpee workouts at every multi gym in Kolkata and other parts of India. Moreover, the stretches of burpees can bring flexibility to every part of your body. If you are a dancer or a sportsperson then the flexibility and strength of your body can help you achieve your fitness and other targets soon.


Be careful while doing the burpees because any wrong stretching and steps may cause internal and external injuries. But if you are trained from a certified fitness trainer then you will never do the mistakes and will also get rid of those injuries. Moreover, you will be benefitted from Burpees.


Advantages of Practicing Burpees

If you start going to any premium gym near you the trainers will let you know the benefits of Burpee. So, you must know the advantages before starting any exercise. Here are some of them as follows:

·         Burpees help in strengthening your muscles of shoulders, core, feet, biceps, triceps, quads, chest, legs and calves.

·         This exercise is quite effective to coordinate your balance of mind and body.

·         If you practice high-rep and rapid-fire burpees then these workouts do the best conditioning to your cardiovascular              muscles.

·         Burpee also helps in removing the fatigue of your body and muscles.

·         It burns calorie from every part of your body.

·         Build the posture of your body.

·         Removes belly fat.

·         It also boosts up your endurance level.


How to Do Different Burpees in Right Way?

As we have mentioned above that doing Burpees in the wrong ways can be injurious to health and ineffective to the goals which you try to achieve. One of the reliable fitness centers in South Kolkata, Starmark Fitness Studio introduces you with the right steps of practicing Burpees in various styles. If you are really a fitness enthusiast, you can dial 9831130003 or (033) 40011213. You may also visit the address at 85 Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building if you stay nearby the location, just for a basic discussion about workouts. Also, follow some suggested steps from the experts for practicing Burpees regularly:


1.       Burpee Pull-Up

Generally, Burpee Pull-Up is sped jumping on the floor. This version is generally done slowly in swinging steps. This set of exercise helps in cutting the fat in the bottom part of the body.


Correct Steps

·         Stand straight with the pointed tip of the shoulder apart.

·         Pull-up a light or heavy weight bar overhead.

·         Now start dropping squats with flat hands by keeping the feet straight.

·         Try to jump back high with your feet and put yourself in the position of a push-up.

·         Jump back with squat position by putting the hands on the floor.

·         Grab the pull up bar by jumping up.

·         Return back to the same position.

·         Repeat the set of steps twice or more than that as per your wish.

Note: Beginners should not repeat the steps because they need to avoid exhaustion and injury. Much workouts and repetion can be the reason for fatigue and monotonousness.


2.       Half Burpee

When a person is lacking strength and rigidity at each part of the body, he or she may face lethargy and nausea because of the lethargy. So, Half Burpee is the best energy-boosting exercise done in the best gyms of Kolkata. This burpee is similar to squats and kicks back.


Correct Steps

·         Stand straight by facing your eyes towards the wall.

·         Now, try bending your hands, knees, and feet just slightly.

·         Try stepping or hopping your feet back to a high plank.

·         Now, repeat the step sets for ten to fifteen times with one-minute intervals each.


3.       Burpee Box Jump-Overs

Both men and women can practice Burpee Box Jump-Overs at any time of the day. It develops your elasticity and burns the fat of your entire body. This is one of the intense workouts among all Burpees because you need to continuously jump up and down while doing this exercise.


Correct Steps

·         Keep a small box on the floor just in front of you.

·         Now, stand with your feet but with a large width apart.

·         Keep your low back flat by squatting down.

·         Jump with your feet back along with a position of a pushup.

·         Just practice the reverse motion to return back or jump onto the box by landing softly.

·         Repeat these steps as much as you can do.


4.       Burpee Pushup

As per the fitness gurus in the best multi gyms in Kolkata, Burpee Push-Up works on your chest portion and curves. This practice is also training for bringing steadiness in your body. This workout also works to the midsection and bottom parts of the body. The athletes and soldiers are trained with this workout for a longer period to strengthen their body parts.


Correct Steps

·         Stand straight by keeping your legs apart to each other.

·         Keep the palms of your hand on the floor and squat deeply.

·         Now kick back in the position of a push-up.

·         Bring your legs just back after doing the squats.

·         Throw your hands above the head and jump upwards.

·         Repeat this for ten counts as per your strength.


Things to be Avoided While Practicing Burpees


The fitness pros of good fitness centers in Kolkata always suggests to be safe while doing any kind of exercise. You should avoid doing some mistakes which can harm you.

·         Never jump highly if you are a beginner because it may be painful and any kind of injury may be the reason.

·         Don’t land heavily on your own feet while jumping and practicing Burpees. This can make you tired.

·         During the push-up burpee, never allow your hips and core to drop down. This may lead to bringing tension to your muscles of pelvic reason.

·         Try to coordinate your hand and legs with the body movement because if you don’t do that then there will be no positive results.


Accept the challenge to come in a good shape or achieve other targets that are related to fitness by doing correct steps of Burpees. Reputed trainers of the gyms in Kolkata and other cities always say that your focus is to bring yourself in proper shape by not damaging the other parts of the body. So, turn yourself into a good fitness freak if your life love to bring yourself in a good shape by enhancing your persona.




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